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Welcome Program 2024

Every Year IEC organizes Welcome program called “Excellence of IEC” for the new batch – the fresher. This kind of event facilitates fresher to feel precious and wanted. In addition, Program like this also specializes in energizing at the same time motivating the student for their future endeavor. Moreover, engaging students in programs that are conducted outside the college boundary plays a vital role to fill the gap between administration, teachers and students. IEC focuses in bringing out the best of best from every individual and Welcome program is the platform to motivate them to give...

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IEC Designer’s Runway

The IEC Designer’s Runway is an eagerly anticipated annual event in K-Town, known for itsdazzling display of creativity and style. Set against the luxurious backdrop of one of the town’sprestigious 5-star hotels, the runway show exudes an air of opulence and sophistication.Attendees, who are prominent figures and fashion enthusiasts hailing from the heart of K-Town’s bustling fashion scene, gather in excitement to witness the emergence of fresh talentand the latest trends.With its reputation for hosting a star-studded audience, the IEC Designer’s Runway attractsindustry...

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Mr. Nepal 2023

In a recent captivating event held in Kathmandu, Mr. Nepal Peasant showcased the finest young men from across the nation, competing for the esteemed title. The event celebrated Nepalese culture and talent, with contestants displaying their charm and personalities through various rounds, from traditional attires to modern fashion statements. As the main sponsor of the event, the IEC College of Art & Fashion demonstrated its commitment to promoting and nurturing local talent in the realms of art and fashion. Amidst the fierce competition, a deserving winner emerged, crowned as the new...

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IEC Interio Schema

IEC INTERIO SCHEMA XII represents the continuous showcase of our prestigious annual interior exhibition taking place since 2009. While this exhibition is an essential component of our university curriculum, it transcends mere academic requirements by serving a broader purpose. Our primary objective is to elevate the event, making it more expansive, memorable, and mutually advantageous for all participants. We strive to enhance public awareness regarding the significance of interior design and architecture, showcasing their positive influence on daily life. Beyond its economic benefits, interior...

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IEC Red Day

IEC RED DAY, an annual event organized by IEC School and College of Art & Fashion,celebrates design and creativity with a vibrant red color theme. Contestants, comprisingstudents from the interior and fashion streams, showcase their innovative designs andgarments. What sets this event apart is that participants create outfits for themselves andconfidently walk the ramp. The event aims to provide exposure, boost confidence, andenhance creativity, personality, presentation, and communication skills among thestudents. Since its inception in 2007, the tradition continues to grow stronger each...

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International Collaboration

IEC College of Art & Fashion is proud to be associated with some of the prestigious organizations for the development of art, fashion & interior design education in Nepal. The international collaboration between IEC College, Swiss Contact Nepal, Sree Ram College of Fine Arts, and JD Institute of Fashion Technology aims to foster a global learning environment and promote cultural exchange in the realms of art, fashion and interior design. Through joint workshops, seminars, and master classes, students and faculty members will gain exposure to diverse perspectives and cutting-edge industry...

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IEC Talk Show

Event Name: “ABOUT “IEC TALK – YES, WE CAN” “SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH IECIANS”Venue: ACADEMY HALL (PRAGYA BHAWAN)Date: 19TH MAY 2019 (SUNDAY) IEC TALK is all about sharing the experiences and success stories of Renowned, Influential and Inspirational personal and Entrepreneurs by personalities themselves. Event like this is expected to boost up the confidence in students and facilitate them to to implement the acquired knowledge in the broader scenario. GUEST SPEAKERS MC: SUBEKSHYA KHADKA (MISS NEPAL INTERNATIONAL 2012) Mr. Sixit Bhatta from Tootle – Co-founder and CEO of Tootle) Ms....

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