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Mr. Nepal 2023

In a recent captivating event held in Kathmandu, Mr. Nepal Peasant showcased the finest young men from across the nation, competing for the esteemed title. The event celebrated Nepalese culture and talent, with contestants displaying their charm and personalities through various rounds, from traditional attires to modern fashion statements. As the main sponsor of the event, the IEC College of Art & Fashion demonstrated its commitment to promoting and nurturing local talent in the realms of art and fashion.

Amidst the fierce competition, a deserving winner emerged, crowned as the new Mr. Nepal Peasant. The title holds immense prestige and serves as a platform for the victor’s career in the entertainment and fashion industries. With IEC’s support, the event celebrated individuality, cultural representation, and the spirit of creativity, leaving a lasting impact on the aspiring individuals and the nation’s rich cultural heritage.