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IEC College of Art & Fashion is a synergy of strategic, creative, functional & technical expertise, addressing specific career challenges. From the moment a student walks in to the college, s/he will find IEC a very different place; a place where s/he can explore his/her creative mind to the fullest.

This college provides student an exciting friendly environment with expert faculty members, scientifically designed labs and studios. All our centers are fully equipped with the latest Audio Visual equipment to provide best of education in Fashion, Textile and Interior Design.


Limkokwing University approach to learning – It collapses classroom walls and borders, nurtures ties with innovative SMEs (Small / Medium sized Enterprises) and Multinational Companies and brings all these strands of experience to our students to ensure a truly global education. By taking part in our Global University Campus Program, our students are exposed to the latest trends and practices for global companies

The Global University Campus program provides students with a short but intense learning experience. They will take part in industry workshops, cultural visits and focused-group lectures by guest speakers from specialized fields. In Global University Campus, students’ experience – Industry Visits, Relevant industry talks, Research tours – Historical & Cultural Exhibitions, Interactive Workshops, Certificates of Participation and Completion. Specifically, the program focuses on


The program provides opportunity for students to meet global industry leaders and other practitioners in their fields of specialization.


The program emphasizes the importance of establishing, nurturing and developing an innovative culture within each business or organization


The program fosters creativity and encourages students to challenge existing mind-sets through out-of-the-box thinking and creates the foresight for a progressive paradigm shift as and when the need arises in the future

Industry Workshops
and Visits

The program provides a balanced mix of lecturers, workshops and industry site visits.

The annual Limkokwing cultural festival is a platform for the university’s students from over 150 countries to celebrate their rich cultural heritage with proud spirits and showcase their talents in ethnic song and dance performances. Themed – ‘Be a Global Citizen,’ the cultural festival is also aimed at helping youth to understand the world better and become active agents for multiculturalism, peace and change. The festival attracted a culturally diverse crowd of over 10,000 people and saw the attendance of international representatives from over twenty embassies, the industry guests, local and international schools, members of the media and the general public.

INTERNSHIP & JOB PLACEMENT – the practical learning.

At IEC, Internship is the time when you can actually mould your ideas and follow them accordingly. The results might not always be the best, however, the more expediency you face in your learning period, the more you will get engrossed actively in whatever you do. To some extent, we too expect our students to mould themselves; not by following the set-up work types that has been going on for ages, but by experimenting their solo creativity and become a true Interior or Fashion Designer.

There are two phase of Internship in IEC

  • In-between, 45 days internship is the phase where students need to work in the real field with reputed organizations in the course of their study duration.
  • After the completion of the course, students are expected to have a three-months internship experience to live up to the standards of international degree that IEC is providing. IEC is committed to make its students as productive as possible in their related fields after the completion of their Bachelors Degree. So, to fulfill this commitment,100% Job Placement as assistance is relatively the best foot forward taken by IEC. As per the record, we are proud to flaunt the achievements of our students as none of our graduates are free for a long period of time after passing out. Each one of our ex-students is today’s qualitative product in their related field of design. Our student’s association with reputed national and international brands starts from internship

   WIFI Enabled Campus

All our campuses have a dedicated Broad Band connectivity which allows Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the campus. This facility allows students to access uninterrupted Internet connectivity anywhere within the campus. All the IT resources and content is available to the faculty and students from their desks, as well as, on an ‘anywhere-anytime’ basis across the campus. It is rather helpful to work from any building and receive the same
speed of data transfer.


IEC has a modern library with a wide range of quality books by renowned authors, which are updated regularly. IT has a regular subscription of various journals and magazines. The library service provides resources and facilities for study, research, self-improvement and employment; offering not only books but many other forms of media, including printed and electronic information

   Textile & Workshop Lab

Well-equipped Fashion Labs have specialized equipments required for garment manufacturing including Cutting-Tables, latest industrial Sewing Machines, Over-Lock Machines, Flat-Lock with Trimmer, Embroidery Machines and Ironing equipments.


At IEC, the teaching faculty for both fashion & interior courses are given excellent training by “University Representatives” during moderation to provide the international standard of learning. Plus, international teachers are hired to offer better theoretical, practical and diverse knowledge on designing. Fashion Designers, Interior Designers and Architects who are working in their fields are employed to teach students the updated version of the course. The top most priority being Qualitative Education. IEC, every year makes sure its teaching department is up-to-date on the revision of course structure revised by R&D department of the University.


E-Lab has latest computing & Designing Software including – Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Auto Cad, Tuka-Tech, 3D Modeling, Animation, Multimedia
and so on.
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