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Razzle Dazzle

IEC Razzle Dazzle fashion show based on African theme was completely organized by the students of the 2018 Batchof IEC College of Art and Fashion. In the show, the 2018 Batch designed the outfits. Further,those outfits were stitched and presented by the 2019 Batch as models on the ramp. The show gotplanned as a part of their assignment – Fashion Event Management of the 5thSemester from the 2018 Batch and Fashion Design and Visualization Production of the 3rdSemester from the 2019 Batch.

The students presented atotal of 7 sequences: African Goddess, Egyptian, Dasaki, Julu Culture, Hakunama Tata, Tiv Culture and Kenyan – all based on African Culture.

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