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IEC Skirt the Fire

It is the internal fashion event where the new enrolled students of batch (2018) showcased their first ever fashion collection. This is under their university performance grading. This show is their first step to reach till their fashion degree. The event showcases styles ranging from party wear to cultural attire. This event provides the opportunity for students to create a complete collection and send it down the runway.

We would like to thank to all who joined this event.

Judges for the Event:

  • Mr. Migesh Udas
  • Mrs. Min Kumari Waiba
  • Ms. Diya Gurung
  • Mr. Pratik Kumar

Thank you Nisha Subedi and Muna Maharjan for beautiful hosting.
Thank you Anil Pradhan for beautiful music mashup.
Sweta Karmacharya and Mr. Jeebesh Kumar Tripathy, thank you for the beautiful choreography.
Thank you all the student of batch 2018, for bringing positive ener WINNERS