Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is IEC College of Art & Fashion a University?

  • IEC College of Art & Fashion is a private institution and is affiliated to LIMKOKWING University, Malaysia. That means all our degrees are validated and awarded by the same University.

Q. Where is the campus?

  • IEC College of Art & Fashion has three campuses spread in over 54000 sq.ft running Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion and Interior Design, one at Mandikatar, Kathmandu (Fashion Wing), one in Chandol, Kathmandu (Interior Wing) and other at Bishalnagar, Kathmandu.

Q. What kinds of facilities are available?

  • Our campuses have all modern equipments and facilities at par with any International college.
  • Check out the Facilities page.

Q. How does a degree from IEC compare with one from other universities?

  • Our affiliation with one of Malaysia largest University which is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), http://www.acu.ac.uk/institutions/view?id=4316, help students transfer their full credits to most of the reputed Universities around the globe.

Q. What are the start dates?

  • We have single intake every year.

Q. When are the application closing dates?

  • Generally we close applications during the month of January. Since the seats are limited we advise our prospective students to apply for admissions during the month of September to December.

Q. Is each new intake a new course start?

  • Yes, we start our courses from the beginning at each intake.

Q. What are the entry requirements?

  • +2 or equivalent in any discipline.

Q. How can I apply to study at IEC?

  • You need to visit to any of our campus, collect the entrance exam form, sit for the entrance exam and appear for the personal interview and take admission

Q. How much do the courses cost?

  • You need to contact the office.

Q. Do I have to attend a personal interview?

  • Yes we encourage our prospective students to attend personal interview.

Q. Are there any prerequisite subjects that I need to have studied in my High School?

  • None. You just need to be a +2 graduate.

Q. When do I have to make payment?

  • You have to clear your semester dues before the commencement each semester.

Q. Are there any scholarships available?

  • We do have scholarship provision. It is on entrance basis. We offer 7% -14% scholarships. This scholarship will be applicable only in tuition fees.

Q. What materials do I have to buy for my course?

  • You will be briefed about it during the time of your Orientation.

Q. What happens if I want to cancel my enrolment?

  • We expect our students to be mentally prepared to pursue their further studies at IEC before getting enrolled. However, if you decide not to continue with us after admissions, no refund will be made.

Q. What courses are available?

  • Check out the Courses page.

Q. How long are the courses?

  • The duration of all courses are three years.

Q. Are courses full-time or part-time?

  • All courses are full-time.

Q. Do I have to buy my own computer?

  • It’s necessary, some students find it easier to manage their workload if they’ve got access to a computer at home. Our all campus are wifi enabled, so it makes it easier to work anywhere in campus if you have a laptop with wireless connection.

Q. I can’t draw, can I still study design?

  • Drawing is a skill and, like other skills, can be taught. There’s a lot of drawing involved in the design bachelor degrees, but not everyone can draw when they first arrive. In the first year you’ll be doing quite a lot of drawing classes.

Q. Is there any work experience included in the courses?

  • Yes, our Bachelor Degrees include an Internship in the final semester.

Q. How much of the courses are theory and how much are practical?

  • The Bachelor Degree courses are a blend of theory and practical. You do a combination of core subjects (theory) and subject-specific subjects (mostly practical) and IEC also have a provision of Non Credit Courses (NCCs).

Q. Do I have to do exams and assessments?

  • Yes, there are assessments and exams throughout our courses. And you have to appear for University exam during the month of FEB-MAR every year.

Q. What happens if I fail a subject or assessment?

  • If this happens, you can sit for exam (and incur additional fees) when it is next delivered or, if applicable, appeal for a reevaluation; there are different procedures for each of the above applications - they are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Q. Is it possible to fast track my course?

  • No

Q. What if I have more questions about the course?

  • Contact us! We’re always happy to help out with any questions you may have.